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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Willowbog chat Jan 2014

Well the first chat of the year was very well attended and a busy day for everyone,then again looking at these photos, there was a lot of tea being drunk and a lot of standing around as well.

It just goes to show the relaxed atmosphere of chat days.

It's that Hinoki again getting even more wire added by Brian.

After a bit more tweaking.
Dianne H asked me for a little help with this small Juniper, there was a big scar where a branch had been removed and she wanted to add a Jin to disguise it.

This is the scar before starting.

The Jin held in place with a piece of wire until the glue dried.

The rollover can now be worked on and refined, then the Jin can be blended in with some light carving.

I think Dianne is pleased with the result.

John H doing what he does best, quietly working away, this time on a nice little Yew.

Brian looking a bit perplexed at his Hinoki, 

Still a nice cup of tea helps.

All too soon it was time to say bye bye everyone and head for home once more.

I did have time to catch a couple of photos of the swans on the pond.

Lastly this very nice Larch was being prepared by Dave H for the Noelanders show in two weeks time.

It is an honor just to get a tree accepted for the show so well done Dave.

Another great day ends but another eleven chat days to look forward to.

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