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Sunday, 9 February 2014

A long day.

We had a long day yesterday with another trip to Scotland, it started for me at six in the morning. We left at seven thirty, the weather was not too bad, but got worse as we headed north. First stop after an hour of rain and a little snow was for breakfast, and I for one was ready for it. Then back on the road to Glasgow and Robert Porches house and a welcome cup of coffee. Into the garden and another search round to see what we could find, every time we visit we find something different, such a lot to see.

David C on his first visit to Robert's with us.

Mike R with a nice Rhodie, look at the size of the pot.

More Shohin.
Plum umei.

Then it was back in the car and on to Wattston Bonsai to see the new arrivals from Japan.

One thing we have learned is to dress for the weather on our visits up here.
Even the locals feel the cold, one day Dougie will take that hat off.

This photo shows a few things, Sue enjoying herself, Mike R making coffee, loads of compost and boxes of accent pots.

Another tree from Mr Kimura, a lesson on how to do Bonsai in itself.
A beautiful Hinoki rock planting.
The photo does not do it justice.

The view from the back.

A very nice Pine.

Big but beautiful trees.

More big trees.


Thank you Dougie and Robert for the hospitality once again.
Then the long drive home through even more rain and wind.
I had something to eat then washed and changed and off to work until ten thirty PM.

As this post is titled a very long but very, very enjoyable once more.

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