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Monday, 10 February 2014

Natter night 10th Feb 2014.

It's that time of year again when doing re-pot's is the order of the day. Sue S brought three trees to be done, and we managed to get them all finished.

This first one, a Chinese Juniper that Sue did on a workshop with Ryan Neil last year.
It has been potted at it's new angle in a very nice pot.

Next up was this Hinoki cypress, which needed to be slightly lower in the pot.

The pot was cleaned and made ready with tying in wires.

The tree was wired into the pot and new compost added.
Many hands make light work.

Back in it's pot and watered in, looks much better now it is lower down.

Now this small Pine was given the treatment and a new pot.

The new pot is smaller and more in keeping with the size of the tree.

While we were busy with Sue's trees Boxie and Dave R were wrapping tape tightly round this Juniper before applying wire to enable it to be heavily bent.

This is how far it was bent for now.

The Juniper is destined to be planted on to this very old piece of bog-wood.Roughly at the angle you see in this photo.

Dave R has taken the tree home to totally wire it, then it will be fixed on the bog-wood at a later date.
I will post photos when it is done.

Yet again a very busy night enjoyed by all.

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