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Monday, 24 February 2014

Natter night 24th Feb 2014.

A very forgetful night, on my part anyhow, as I did not take any photos of the trees that were brought along.
It is an age thing, honestly.
I did however take some photos of a Hawthorn that has been re-potted today.

This picture shows the Hawthorn in it's new pot, it also shows the temperature in the green house today.
If you can make it out it was about 50 degrees F. The warmest so far this year.

After a little wire was added tonight.This tree was originally a high root off a Paul's scarlet tree that was collected some years ago. When it was removed there was some fine roots on the bottom so I potted it up just to see if it would grow.This is the result of eight years in a big pot.It has been left all this time to see if it would produce flowers to find out if it is indeed a scarlet or the main tree it came off was a graft. As yet no flowers, maybe the repot will spur it into action.
My other Hawthorn bud's continue to swell quite a lot.

As do the bud's on my Kiyohimi maple.


I should have taken some pics of Sue's trees but as I said I forgot.
Sorry Sue and everyone else.

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