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Monday, 3 February 2014

Natter night 3rd Feb 2014.

Tonight was another brilliant get together  night , made all the better by a visit from Robert Porch. He is in the area to visit the local Bonsai club to do a talk/ critique at their monthly meeting on Tuesday evening.It is always good to see him as the banter is second to none when he is around.
This lump of driftwood is Dave R's and he intends to use it as a pot, but it could also be used as a stand.

I think this tree looks better in it though.


Next question, how many people does it take to repot a small White Pine.?
Well here it takes a few, Ken combed out the roots, put the mesh and tying in wires in the pot.

I then tightened it into the pot.

Then Ken and Boxie filled up with compost.

Good job we don't do big trees here.
I also potted this small Cotoneaster into a new pot, which makes it look quite big.

You can see by this photo that it is not very big at all.

I also added two small Hawthorns to my forest today.

As is usual when Robert comes he brought quite a lot for us to see.
Shohin tree's and some very nice Shohin pots as well.

Too much choice and not enough money.

One for Phil from Ireland, Sue says sorry but she got your yellow pot.

 When I started this blog I thought I would not know what to write about very often so there would not be many posts, but I have just noticed I have passed the five hundred mark.

Thanks again for looking in.


  1. 500! I'm at 1800 and counting lol keep up the good work and well done Sue for grabbing the yellow pot :-)

  2. The driftwood will make a smashing pot. Is he going to use any sort of preservative on it? If so, what one?