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Thursday, 13 March 2014

My day with Ken M.

I have had a really enjoyable day with Ken M, he had a few jobs for me to do, but I had fun doing them.

This is the first job, a Maple to be repotted.

Save the Tulips.

Remove old compost and some root and get new compost ready.

Potted up and Tulips returned.

Number two another Maple.

This one gets the same treatment.

Both trees done and back where they stand in the driveway.
Now for the good stuff, Bonsai.
I did a bit of fine work on this Cork bark Elm. 

Kens twin trunk Larch that was repotted last week.

A very nice Japanese flowering Cherry.

A nice Cotoneaster.

I was amazed at the health and colour of this Rhodie which was put into this landscape early last year.

One for a future repot, this nice Scots Pine.

Some good work done today topped off by a plateful of shepherds pie and a bottle of beer.

Careful Ken with treatment like this I will return.

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