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Monday, 24 March 2014

Natter night 24th March 2014.

A quiet night as regards visitors with only three turning up, but we still kept busy non the less.

I started on this Azalea before anyone else arrived, all I did was to remove the long extensions that had been left to grow for a long time. 

When Mike R arrived we had a discussion about what else to remove and proceeded to remove some more unwanted branches.  

We also decided to change the planting angle a little when the tree is repotted.
This will be the new angle.

Then Ken M arrived with yet another Pine to be repotted, this time a nice Scots Pine.

Another repot, this time a Dwarf Rose.

Looks much better in a proper pot.

I also potted this small Cotoneaster.

And this small Willow.

Another busy potting night but well worth doing.

Thanks for looking in once more to my blog.
. Feel free to comment as I love to have feedback about what I am doing.


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