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Monday, 31 March 2014

Natter night 31st March 2014.

Maybe I should change the title today as my first visitor arrived at midday, should I call it Natter day?

The first one was John H from Northumbria. Who is becoming a regular at the novice workshops at Willowbog.

This is John with his homework for this week, which is to put into action what he learned about wiring and bring the tree to Willowbog chat day on Saturday to be tweaked into place.

John brought a few trees to get some work done on and also get some instruction on how to wire.
Above is how the tree looked when it arrived.

Another one of his trees this time a nice Ceder.

After working, the image is now of a much more mature tree.

This Hornbeam was just given a light clip to improve the image.

Looks better after the clip.

This Rhodie was potted into a plastic training pot. { Please excuse the photo, but I forgot to take a before picture }

The new planting angle makes it look better.

Two small Cottoneaster's, which were given their first styling a few months ago.

The night finished after nine, so a very long day Bonsaiing but I enjoyed every part of it.

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