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Monday, 21 April 2014

Natter night 21st April 2014.

A quietish, but a great night all the same, with only four visitors turning up on this bank holiday Monday.

Before anyone arrived I had a go at naturalizing part of a Hemlock that has been bothering me since I purchased it.

This is the offending part I wanted to sort out.

After working it looks a lot better, but still needs a lot of refinement done. 

I also wired this Cotoneaster today and gave it a first style.

Not a bad start, but still has a way to go.

Next was Ken's Twin trunk Larch that he wanted the smaller tree moved a little.

We managed to do this quite easily and he went away happier.

Next is Sue's Katsura Maple which had lost a couple of lower branches leaving a lot of empty space in the canopy.

After adding some stay wires to gently pull branches down a little the spaces have been filled quite well.

A good night's work done and some coffee and tea consumed as usual.
 Thank you again for looking in to my blog.


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