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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Natter night 28th April 2014.

Five people turned up to my natter night last night and we had a great time discussing all aspects of Bonsai.
First to arrive was Sue S, who brought two of her Shohin for some advice about planting angles and pots.

First one a Japanese White Pine

From the other side.

Cork bark Chinese Elm.

From the other side.

Ken M brought this Common Juniper, which was originally a twin trunk that we separated a while back and put them into their own pots.They have recovered well and are growing very good, this one got it's fisrt styling tonight.

After styling it shows really good promise for the future.

Tommy G brought along thie very nice Azalea to show us the flowers. 

He also brought this miniature Daffodil. 

The lighter is for size comparison.

Paul M brought this small Squamata Juniper for a little styling.

Formed into Bunjin style

He also did some wiring on this False Cypress which was tweaked into a better shape.

Another busy and enjoyable night.

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