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Monday, 7 April 2014

Natter night 7th April 2014.

After a busy Bonsai weekend I had a busy natter night as well with six visitors turning up, It was nice to have daylight for a change and we could see the trees better in the garden without the lights on.
This very nice Zelkova belonging to Sue S was potted into this very good  pot and looks very mature.

A Shohin Chinese Elm was also put into a new pot.
Sue can now start to develop a nice canopy on this tree.

My new Procumbens Juniper was also looked at and discussed as to what kind of pot to use.

Sue S offered me this terracotta pot which will be OK as a training pot to get the roots lowered and spread out better.

I have not potted the tree yet, but watch this space, as I think it could be done quite soon.
When it settles into the new pot I will start to refine the foliage.
Well that is it for now thanks for visiting again.

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