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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Procumbens repot.

I have just finished repotting my new Procumbens Juniper and as it turned out was not a moment to soon, as the tree must have been left in it's pot for quite a long time.
This is as it was when purchased, in a Japanese terracotta pot.

The root ball on removal from the pot, very compacted and hard, in other words pot bound.

This is about half way through sorting the tangle of roots.

Getting better but still very compacted.

The usual bird's nest of root found when a tree is left to long between re-pot's.

This photo shows all the waste removed, quite a lot.

Here I have replaced every thing removed back into the original pot just to show how little room there was for the tree in there.

The final image looks much better and the tree has a lot more room to spread it's roots .

I can almost here the sigh of relief from the tree now it has been given room in it's new training pot.
I will keep it in a frost free but sheltered place for a while until it recovers from all this work.

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