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Saturday, 24 May 2014

May novice workshop at Willowbog.

Yet another successful day at Willowbog's monthly novice workshop with seven students taking part.

I had to stop on the way up today to take a snap of this Hawthorn in flower.

The trees in today's Tokenoma.
A very nice Red Pine.

A Hawthorn from the Willowbog collection.

Just coming into flower.

The start of the workshop.

Peter doing his usual talk about the students trees.This Zelkova belonging to David was the first to be talked about.

During refinement pruning.

Sam's Azalea before working.

After a good clip out and some of the compost removed.

Repotted into a training pot.

Kathrine working on a garden center Maple.

Angela surrounded by her trees.

John also busy.

Sam in deep concentration.

As was Anthony.

Another one of Sam's Rhodies

I also got a photo of Brian's best side.

Only joking Brian.

Again another great educational day, which everyone enjoyed.

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