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Monday, 5 May 2014

Monday mornings.

Monday mornings are one thing I used to hate , but not any more since I went semi retired about six years ago. Now I look forward to Mondays and my natter nights.

My day started as usual with a look round the trees to make sure they are all still fine and there are no signs of infection on them.

The next thing was an air layer on a Maple.

Jobe done now all I can do is wait until the roots show and I wiil have another tree.

Nice to see my Hemlock back amongst the other trees on the benches after it was given it's first styling at the weekend.

My small Needle Juniper is growing very well, with plenty new buds.

More flowers on a Cotoneaster.

Finally I cannot stop taking photos of my Hawthorn in flower, I really enjoy seeing this tree in flower.

Thanks for joining with my blog and look back later for my post on Natter night.

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