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Monday, 12 May 2014

Natter night 12th May 2014.

Yet another busy night which started with this small Juniper, one of my own, which I thought was ready for another styling.

After wiring and a bit of tweaking, it looks more compact and refined.

This Chinese Juniper was brought by Sue S to be wired, but it is quite a long job so she will do more next week then we can style it.

Ken M brought this Common Juniper, which is the other half of the one we did a couple of weeks ago.

After wiring and tweaking it turned out to be a nice image, for a first styling.

Then it was the turn of Tommy G who brought this Crab Apple, for some branch selection and thinning out. 

There were too many branches, some were removed, some left to grow to thicken them, some shortened to promote ramification.

Tommy will put some wire on some of the branches that were left and pull them down a little, just enough to make them grow in the right direction.

Yet another successful night of enjoyable Bonsai , with good company.

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