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Monday, 5 May 2014

Natter night 5th May 2014.

Here it is then my post about tonight's get-together.Being another bank holiday I only had three visitors but we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

As it was quiet and after Mike R came up with the same thought I had earlier today about my Hawthorn forest.  I decided to get started and change it a little.
The idea was to shorten the tallest trunk on the right hand side and create some deadwood where it was removed. Then fill the space by moving other branches.

This photo shows the idea was a good one as the group looks much more balanced and uniform.

This has also had the effect of moving the apex more into the center of the planting.

The next tree for some work was this small Chinese Juniper.

Which was potted into a new pot.

After removing some unwanted branches and cleaning out I can now see an image forming. But this will have to wait until the tree has recovered from the repot.

I am sorry this is a short post tonight but there was still some good work done.

Thanks for looking in once more.

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