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Monday, 23 June 2014

Natter night 23rd June 2014.

Yet another night blessed with good weather and good company.

Two of the trees that arrived had the wire removed as it was starting to bite into the bark.
This Fir tree belonging to Ken M was the first to be done.

This Larch, also Ken's was showing signs of weakness in the growth, so after a discussion about the cones it had produced this year, it was decided to remove more of them.
We thought as it was weeping sap through the cones it was using up to much of the energy of the tree and this is why we removed all but a couple of them.

Ken will now feed this tree well and hopefully it will get back into producing some good growth.

Paul M was also busy taking wire off.

I am not sure what my wife was showing Mike and Tommy but they looked quite enthralled.

It is not only the trees in my garden that are growing well, but as this photo shows my Black Bamboo is really thriving.

Thats all for tonight, look back again soon.

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