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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Willowbog chat, June 2014.

Today's chat was not as busy as normal, but a very enjoyable one all the same.

The Tokenoma display. A newly acquired Chinese Juniper.

The accent, a ceramic Wren.

Peter found a way to escape, a little drastic maybe!!
This is one of the trees I took to work on today. A small Squamata Juniper.

After rearranging the branches and a little clip.

My second tree, a Chinese Juniper, before any work.

After working I was pleased with the final image.
The bottom left hand branch will be turned into Jin later.
Tony & Keith having a face off.

Then Keith got down to working on a nice Hinoki Cypress.

Peter the G man working on a very nice Chinese Juniper

Still a way to go Peter.

This collected Oak clump style belongs to Peter T from up in Bonnie Scotland.

He wanted some advice on how to move the branch he is holding, with a bit of discussion it was decided to use some re-bar suitably placed to pull it into place. 

Peter being watched by Brian who seemed impressed with the ideas that were passed around.

Here we have a Crab Apple that belongs to Brian
Which was wired and some branches moved.

I must say sorry if I missed anyone, but I was quite busy.

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