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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Willowbog novice workshop June 2014.

Today's workshop was a very hot one, not only because Terry was not there, but because the weather was very kind to us.Also there were eight participants taking part, so as I result I was seen with beads of sweat running from my forehead, something not often seen, I can tell you.

Because the gate was still shut when I arrived I noticed
the slowly vanishing Willowbog Bonsai. Getting lost in the trees.

Because I arrived a little early I had time to get some snaps of the nursery.

Looking tidy.

Great job Jean !!!!!!!

Today's Tokenoma. I said it was hot in there.

Most people here for the start of the workshop.

Just one late comer.

Now for some of the trees that were worked on.

A Maple that was defoliated.

David working on a Cotoneaster.

More trees belonging to new boy Greg.

A couple of Junipers.

This one had some wire added and given a basic styling.

After the work.

I also helped Brian with this nice Hemlock, by showing him how to create more pads from the large ones that were already there.

Don't let the photo fool anyone, I did the left side for him to copy on the right side.

One for the future, a large Cotoneaster, which needs to be fed heavily to strengthen the branches, then some serious carving work will be done at a later date.

Finally today, that Hinoki returned, Brian needs a bigger car as all the branches had to be put back in place after the journey.

Another busy but successful day's workshop once again. 

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