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Monday, 30 June 2014

Workshop at Ronin. Part two.

Yet another successful day of Bonsai here at Ronin with Robert Porch.

The gang at the end of the day, tired but very happy.

Garden center Juniper.



Tweak a bit more.

Behold an image emerges.


Clip first.

Then wire.

Then place branches.

White Pine.

Add wire.

Another nice image.

Crab apple.
 After clipping.


A little clip goes a long way.

Ken's Fir.

Which Boxie wired.

Robert tweaked .

We admired.

People all over the garden working on their trees

In the studio.

Feeding time.

Watch listen and learn.

More of the trees that were worked on .

Unusual Hawthorn.

Workshop's are not about bringing along a piece of raw stock, putting wire on, someone else styling, they are to learn the knowledge and be able to do it yourself.

This weekend has given my regular visitors a taste of how much you can learn from good tutors such as Robert.

My special thanks to Robert for a very good two days.

Not forgetting Boxie, who helped a lot and kept us entertained.

Once again thank you for visiting my blog.

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