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Monday, 7 July 2014

Natter night 7th July 2014.

A quiet night tonight which was good really as I was still quite tired after our trip yesterday.
However when Tommy arrived with a Procumbens Juniper he bought in Birmingham, things got busy.

The tree as bought, we had to feel for the trunk because we could not see into the inside.

The other side, I was going to say back but until we cleaned it out we could not tell which was which.

After about two hours with tweezers and shears it looks much thinner.

But we did find what we think will be the viewing angle and a nice trunk line.

This is the remnants of what was cleaned out, just to see what we have to wire.

I now have a clearer view of an image in my mind and have been nominated by Tommy to try to achieve this before next weeks natter night.
I will keep posting updates as I work on it until then.
Watch this space. 

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