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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Willowbog chat July 2014.

After the way this last week has been I thought I would have a nice chill out day at the chat day. How wrong can you be, as it turned out there was quite a lot to do, with giving advice about how to trim  when to do this and how do I do that.
I loved every second of it as usual, the day just flew by.

The Tokenoma today.
A very nice Maple.
Complete with ceramic accent.

Peter G trying to hide behind a gorgeous Yew. 

You can hide, but I will still catch you Peter.

Anthony also tried to hide.

I thought the Hemlock was better to look at and let him off.

This nice little Hawthorn, which belong's to Dianne, was in need of some drastic bending as the main trunk was very straight and making the tree look out of balance.

Where the guy wire is attached at both ends is about six inches long and looked out of place. So rather than removing it we decided to try to bend it.We took it as far as we dare at the moment and will do more after the tree has had a rest for a while.

Graham W had this large Hawthorn with him for some advice about branch selection.

Just to show that the sunshine we have had lately was not a one off here are a couple of photos of the sales benches.

Another great chat day finished.

Looking forward to the next one.

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