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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Natter night 11th August 2014.

The weather tried to dampen the spirits of my visitors but did not manage it very well , as there were still six of them turned up for what turned out to be another successful night.

There were two trees brought along to be worked on tonight.

This Maple was the first to be set on it's way to becoming a Bonsai.

Unwanted branches were removed and the ones that were left were brought down with mainly guy wires to open up the canopy and let light into it.

This will help the tree to grow better and to produce new buds and foliage.

This small Buddha Pine was also given some work to open up the canopy.

Now much more open and tree like.

While I was putting the wire on, Paul M the owner was reading up on how and when to prune this species of tree.Amazingly enough what I was doing was exactly what it said to do in the book, the little grey cells must still work.

Yet another good night despite the weather.

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