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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Natter night 25th August 2014.

My natter night started quite early again, as I was in the studio most of the day, working on some of my own trees.
I started with this Squamata Juniper which has grown really well this season and was in need of a good trim.

After the work, it is now more open to allow light to the inside and promote some new buds closer to the trunk.

Yet another Squamata which was looking a bit unruly got the treatment.

Looks a bit tidier after working.

Now for this Chinese Juniper, which has also grown well this year.

This tree will also benefit from being opened up. It still needs more deadwood but that will come later when I can see the live veins better.

One of my visitors Andy P brought this small Larch to be given it's first styling.

I think it looks more like a tree now and it will be repotted in spring on the right side of the pot.

Yet another very good day's work 

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