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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Day one workshop with Robert Porch.

This is the second weekend  workshop with Robert  here at Ronin and what a very informative day it was.Being the right time of year to be working on Pines it was not surprising to see so many here.

A good natter before starting on the trees.

Sue's Shohin Black Pine before working.

It is not only about styling trees at workshops, it is about learning about how they grow as well .
This is after Robert showed Sue how to select which branches and buds that had to be pruned.

This Common Juniper of Ken's was the next to be worked on.

You can see Robert studying what to do with this nice tree.

Ken now knows how to look after and train this tree much better after listening to what Robert said.

This Scots Pine, also Ken's was started on but not finished today and will be completed tomorrow.

Again words of wisdom from the master.

Ken intent on getting the wire on.

Sue's Shohin White Pine was given a critique.

As was this Chinese Juniper.

This Rigida Juniper was transformed with a pair of shears.

Boxie also got involved with adding wire to one of Sue's other Junipers'

Robert then started to wire this White Pine of Ken's.

Then gave it a bit of styling.

Would you trust this man with your trees.?

I certainly would.

Day two tomorrow, look back then for another report.

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