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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Day two workshop with Robert Porch.

The second days workshop with Robert was just as good as the first, with loads of trees to work on. But Robert took it all in his stride and managed to do most of what the participants wanted to get done with their trees.

I did have a bit of an early start today as I finished putting wire on Ken's pine from yesterday, just to give him a head start for the day. This is after Robert tweaked it into shape.

Deep discussion about Davids Lodge pole pine.

A close up of the tree before.

After wiring and styling.

Margery's little pine was also wired and styled.

What was a very straight and basic growing pine it is now very contorted and very interesting.

This is one of Tommy's Pines that was also wired clipped and styled.

No longer a mess of branches after basic styling.

Yet another Scots Pine, this one is John's.

John was also given the task of wiring the whole tree before Robert worked his magic once more.

Tommy's second pine of the day, the one on the left this time, was also wired after Robert had removed unwanted branches.

Once again this image was urged from what was there before.

Camera shy boy's ?

No they were just very busy wiring trees.

Yet another very good day was had by all the participants, who are looking forward to the next time we can bring Robert back to Ronin Bonsai, just as I am.

All I can say now is a very big THANK YOU to Robert for his attendance this weekend.

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