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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Natter night 15th Sept 2014.

Well as I said in my last post here is the full story of that Juniper.

It all started on Sunday at Willowbog with Marc Noelanders, who was doing workshops over the weekend.
Sue S asked me to help with the wiring and I of course I jumped at the chance to once again see Marc working on trees.

This is the Chinese Juniper before Marc worked his magic on it.

He removed some unwanted branches on the lower part of the tree, then we wired these parts, he then removed more unwanted branches higher up the tree.

Sue and I wired some more.

Marc then transformed it by tweaking it into place, the image that emerged was breathtaking

There was still some work to be done but with Marc's guidance Sue did some more wiring tonight on the branches we did not manage on Sunday .

Even more wire.

After placing the newly wired branches, this is the final image for now.

Margery was given some advice from Mike R on a small Chinese Elm.

Andy P brought this garden center Pyracantha which he had wired and I gave it a bit of shaping.

Ken M did a bit more work on his Chinese Juniper he started last week.

The image after he had finished, the best this tree has ever looked, really coming together now.

This is another of Ken's Junipers which I did some work this week.I cleaned up the surface roots and Shari then applied lime sulpher then did some work on the foliage.

The tree looks much more compact now.

A very good night comes to an end  once more.

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