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Monday, 1 September 2014

Natter night 1st Sept 2014.

Andy P was the first to arrive this evening with a Scots Pine he was given about three months ago, He was a bit worried about it as there are no new buds showing and it is also not a good colour. Alarm bells rang in my head and I picked up the pot and felt the weight, which was heavy for a tree this size, I then looked under the pot at the drain holes and saw that they were completely blocked with michoriza  { not sure about the spelling }.A quick check in the pot showed the roots were rotting due to being water logged, so an emergency repot was needed.

The roots, some good , some dead.

The water that ran out during the repot. Hopefully this repot will enable the tree to recover with a lot of care.

This small Common Juniper belonging to Tommy G was the next to be worked for the first time.
This was the side that was picked for the front.

From the right.

 From the back.

From the left.

After wiring , the view from above, the branches are now spread more evenly.

The finished tree, not bad for a first styling. The dimensions are from the top of the pot to apex eight inches, and the spread of foliage is ten inches.

There are some times that I think to myself , did I do that, this was one of them .
I think this tree has a very good future as a Shohin Bonsai.

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