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Monday, 29 September 2014

Natter night 29th Sept 2014.

After a busy weekend of workshops with Robert P, we had another busy night tonight with six visitors turning up for my natter night.
The longest traveled by far was Peter T from Ayrshire, who was in the area for the day and visited us for the evening.He brought some trees with him to ask for some advice on, I think between us we helped a little.

This Picea was from nursery stock and was given the works in branch selection. 

First look shows a twin trunk, but it was decided to remove the one on the left to open up the tree.

We left enough to create Jin with and as you can see by doing this the tree is now much more open.
The next problem was the two leading branches forming a big Y shape, one of them had to go.

It was a group decision to remove the one on the left.
Peter now knows where the tree is going and will wire and shape in the future at home.

I hope to get some photos when it is done.
I also did some work on my Procumbens Juniper today.
This is how it was after a little thinning a few weeks ago.

After quite a bit of wiring and clipping. 

The other side after working.

I will take and post some better photos tomorrow, hopefully!

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