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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Natter night 8th Sept 2014.

My natter night Started even earlier this week as I was looking after some trees for Ken M, so I took advantage of having his Chinese Elm here and got this photo.

Sue S also came on Sunday to discuss this Chinese Juniper which she is taking to Willowbog next Sunday for a workshop with Marc Noelanders. She thought about removing some branches and starting to wire, but I said to leave it and let Marc decide which ones had to go.

Now to my Acer Palmatum, after taking this photo I decided to clean up the Nebari and get rid of the moss before winter.

What Nebari? you may well ask, as it does not show in this photo.

After the clean up, you can now see it much better.

Natter night itself started with Ken M bringing his Chinese Juniper triple trunk for a clip out.

He only got some of it completed and will do some more next week.

Tommy G brought this Trident Maple to be worked on.

This is after a little clip.

After adding some wire and moving a few branches. The apex needs to fill in but should do that next season.

Andy P brought these two small Junipers to be identified and some advice.

No body knew what type they were, perhaps someone out there knows.

Again a very busy and enjoyable night with good company.

Thank you for visiting my blog once more.

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