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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Willowbog novice workshop Sept 2014.

There was only four participants in today's workshop but was still a full day of teaching.

As is usual at these workshop's Peter starts by talking about each person's main tree that they want to do on the day.This is a very good way of teaching the novices, as they learn about trees other than their own.

The first one I did with Brian was this Dawn Redwood group planting.

After a good clip out  it is now a lot more open to allow light to get to the inside of the canopy.

You can almost here Brian thinking, has all this come off.

Next was this Yew belonging to David from Cumbria. After a discussion with Peter it was decided to shorted the rather large Jin and change the planting angle.

After wiring and placing of branches it has a better image.

This small Cotoneasterwhich was bought by new boy Colin at the last workshop was wired and given a basic styling.

Now there is something to work on in the future.

Another of Brian's trees this time a Pyracantha, was given a cut out and I showed him where to let it grow longer and where to keep short, so we can try to form a cascade style.

This false Cypress was brought by another new boy Scott, assisted by peter it was shortened and Jin and Shari were created.

Then wired and given a basic styling by Peter.

Another of David's trees, a small Cotoneaster which had a clip back and a bit of carving refinement.

Peter doing the carving watched intently by David.

Finally today Peter's Tokenoma display.

Another good day of learning for all the participants of the workshop. 

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