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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Natter night 13th Oct 2014.

Yet another great night with plenty visitors and some good work done on trees.

Andy P brought back his homework from last week for assessment, this Larch which he wired and styled,. I think we can give him a pass on this one.

Next this Yew belonging to Ken M  required some refinement work done. 

With some help from Mike R it was wired and clipped.

Getting closer to the image Ken is looking for.

The original design was by Marc Noelanders.

Mike R and myself got this Spruce in this afternoon and started to remove unwanted branches.

Just a few branches.

Not many left but nice and fine to create a nice image from.

I also did a bit of carving to naturalize some of the bulk near the base.

This will be refined at a later date.

The final image looks more tree like.

If you look close you can see the blue cloth wrapped around some branches that have been left on as a second option.

A very productive night, enjoyed by all eight of my visitors.

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