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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Natter night 6th Oct 2014.

Every now and then we have one of them nights that really stand out against others, this was one of those.

It was more a story about three Larch which Andy P bought very recently.
This first one was wired by Ken,{ who volunteered } then Mike R took over and did the styling. 

A very nice image emerged, well done Mike.

While all that was going on and after a discussion, I started on this second Larch.

Quite mediocre looking material, but with a bit of thought and a lot of wire it is amazing what can be done.

Another nice image for a first styling.

Home work for Andy, this third Larch.

Mike and Andy wired the trunk to add a bit of movement, then it was left to Andy to finish the wiring and styling and bring the tree back next week, Just to see if he is learning anything. He He.

Now another couple of  small Azaleas recently purchased by Andy.

They could end up as nice Shohin trees in the future.

As I said at the start a very good and constructive night with plenty of banter going round.

You have got to have fun and enjoy doing Bonsai.

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