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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Natter night 10th Nov 2014.

I think the title should read Natter day as the Bonsai day started at lunch time and did not end until about 11pm. A long but very enjoyable day and evening for my birthday, before anyone asks "yes" I did have a a very good day.

This Taxus Cuspidata Yew was the center of my attention today.

I started by removing wire which was quite tight.

This took up a lot of time.

But it was a job worth doing.

After spending most of the evening rewiring, the tree looks much better, but still needed some fine wiring

Which I finished this morning.

I was also given a birthday cake from Andy P, Which was very nice and tasty,thanks Andy.

Andy also brought this Bamboo he purchased from a local garden center, he intends to make some accent plantings from it.

Ken M was also given a presant from Robert Porch, This very nice Japanese tea pot.
Which was washed and used by Ken all night.

It was not only another good night, but a very good birthday as well.
Thanks to all my friends and family for the gifts.

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