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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Natter night 17th Nov 2914.

Well it was one of them busy days again, with nine visitors from lunch time onward, the last ones leaving about ten thirty.

Ken M brought his small Rhodie back to show us the flowers that have now opened.

I decided to change the Jin on the right side of my Squamata Juniper, for one that is a better size.

Once it has blended in and the Jin seal weathers a little, it will look a lot better.

A close up of the join.

Also some work on Shari.

Mike R saw something special in this small Cotoneaster and decided to work on it.

By changing the pot and planting angle he has created an interesting tree.

Some of the tools he used to get the tree into that small pot.

A very interesting project for the future.

All it needs now is a lot of after care.

Standing room only in the studio.

If I get many more visitors I will need an extension on the studio.

Friendship and togetherness.

Along with a common love of Bonsai.

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