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Monday, 15 December 2014

Natter night 15th Dec 2014.

We had another good night with plenty of tea, coffee and also some work done on Boxie's Larch that was started last week.

This tree was left to grow wild for a year and is now ready for styling.

Mike got started on the wiring, which I also helped with,just to make sure we got it finished.

Then Dave R got to work on the styling.

It was decided last week to Jin the lower right branch, which as you can see has been done.
Overall a nice image has emerged.

I also did some work on this Chinese Juniper, by cleaning the rough bark and Shari it shows off the live veins better.

I had to include this photo of Simon R actually making the coffee's, for a change.
Love the hat by the way Simon.

Another practical night's work, and also some laugh's along the way.

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