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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Willowbog chat Dec 2014.

After a very cold start to the morning we had a pleasant drive up to Willowbog for the chat day, which was well attended once more.

Just some of the crowd that attended the day.

Today's Tokanoma display.A large Hemlock.

A very nice Ceder semi cascade.Which belongs to John H from the north east.

Also John's tree a nice Juniper.

This Chinese Elm belongs to Brian and by the way the foliage is growing is kept indoors.

For once a full frontal of Brian.

David C removing wire from one of his two trees he brought along.

Another visitor from Scotland brought this Scots Pine to be worked on and Peter S obliged by giving instruction on which branches should be removed and why.

On the way up we saw this wood pecker having a go at a power line post.

Not only trees to make a good day but the wildlife as well.

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