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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Novice workshop at Willowbog Jan 2015.

The workshop at Willowbog Bonsai today was the first of the year and was a successful day for the participants who took part.
There were seven in total with a good variety and number of trees to be worked on.

The Tokanoma display for today.

Sam's False Cypress, here for a thin out to promote some back budding.

It also had some work done to the Jin.

After work was done. When this tree recovers it will be rewired and styled.

There were a number of Japanese Larch here today.

This Squamata Juniper had been in this pot for about Twenty years.

It was transplanted and some branches removed and once again will be worked on when it recovers.

Angela working on one of her Maples.

This garden center Yew was set on it's journey to becoming a Bonsai.

Ian working on the root system.

Plenty to be sorted out.

After removing some roots and potting, the foliage was also reduced.

Yet another Larch.

This Spruce had not fallen out of it's pot, but was also potted then the foliage reduced.

By a long way, as this photo shows.

Another Larch.

Some more trees to be worked on.

David's hands were bigger than this Larch.

A nice Yew, coming along nicely.

Peter also has some nice Sabina Junipers, belonging to Peter Warren, for sale. Just ready for the Ryan Neil workshop coming soon.

With Peter, Terry and myself being kept very busy all day I think everyone enjoyed the day very much.

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