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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Sue's second Juniper.

Seeing as my car was in the garage this morning for a service in preparation for my trip to Noelanders Trophy next week, I had some time on my hand's, so I decided to start wiring Sue's second Juniper that she brought on Monday night.

This is as it arrived before any work was done.

Did I say start? I  started by taping it to the turn table as it is in a very narrow based pot and was unstable for applying wire.

I then looked for a more stable base and found this pot, which the original pot fitted into exactly.
If you look close you can just about make out the rim of the pot around the top of this new one.

The finished tree, much more balanced and compact.

Now come Monday we will have to look for another tree to work on.
I hope Sue likes the outcome of my work.

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