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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Winter watering.

Over the years I have got myself some winter protection for my trees in the shape of a couple of green houses. I like to protect from rain , rather than frost as the trees get really cold in there. These following photos have just been taken this morning and you can see the sun is shining, is Spring far away?

These trees have not been watered for at least a week, but are still damp enough to keep them in good health.

When you look at the compost it looks very dry.

But if you move some off the surface you can see they are still damp.

It is just the same on this Juniper, dry on top.

But damp underneath.

I also find keeping trees damp but not wet helps when the compost freezes, as it thaws out a little quicker during the day.

Keeping trees this way calls for checking them at regular intervals to make sure they do not dry out completely.
It also keeps you in touch with your trees at this time of year.

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