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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Natter night 16th March 2015.

Sorry for the delayed post, but better late than never.

After having to cancel last week because of a family crisis, we were back up and running last night.
I think every one of my ten visitors missed their fix last week.
The main thing on the agenda was of course potting.

First off this Common Juniper was removed from a quite large Mica pot, which it had been in for about two years.

It was then placed into its first Bonsai pot.

This second Common Juniper was also repotted into a Bonsai pot.

The tree should be planted further to the right of the pot, but the large roots prevented this, at the moment. Mike R then tweaked it a little, nice job Mike.

Next up was this rather big Ceder belonging to Andy P, which he bought from a local garden center.

How many bald heads does it take to repot a tree ?

This tree will be styled when it recovers from the stress and shows good signs of growth.

A Shohin sized Potentilla, coming along nicely.

This Sulpher Spray Cypress was also repotted.

I still have dirt under my fingernails, but can you expect anything else at this time of year.

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