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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Natter night 30th March 2015

Unlucky for some, 13,as it turned out last night's gathering was only marred by the weather which was wild and very wet, but this did not deter the thirteen people who braved it to come.

Once again the main topic was repotting.

This Shohin White Pine which belongs to Margery was the first one to be done.

Andy P brought another large Juniper to be given it's first step to becoming a Bonsai.

It had the roots pruned and was then placed into a Mica training pot.

A bit of styling was done on this Hawthorn.

Not the easiest trees to wire, because of the thorns.

Now on it's journey to becoming a tree.

Another of Andy's trees, a Zelkova, grey bark elm was potted into a new pot.

This pot makes the tree look much bigger than it is.

Another Hawthorn, belonging to Ken M had lost a couple of branches over winter, so these were removed.

Hopefully this will not deter from the finished image.

A new angle on wiring.

The son of my Dawn Redwood was also given a first styling.

After, at least now it has some shape to it.

Despite the weather it was still a very enjoyable night.

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