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Monday, 13 April 2015

Natter night 13th April 2015.

As there were only four of us tonight and nothing to do we had a good natter about the Ryan Neil weekend at Willowbog. Which both Boxie and Mike R attended workshops, and they and I were there for the demo on Saturday. Andy p was sorry to have missed out on such a great time, he did bring one tree for us to see, a Shohin Rigida he got last year.

It is showing good growth at the moment and will soon be ready for some more refinement.

It was discussed and decided it will look better if planted at a slightly different angle.
Easily done by turning the camera.
Andy also brought three garden center plants which he has just bought.
From the left, a Quince and two Flowering Cherries.

A close up of the Quince flowers

They will go in the garden for a few years and then will then be turned into Bonsai when they are a lot more mature.

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