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Monday, 20 April 2015

Natter night 20th April 2015.

Great weather, good company and a great atmosphere all go to make another great natter night at my place.
With nine visitors we were able to do some work in the garden instead of being a bit crushed in the studio.

I started today to do some drastic work on this Larch tree, which I have had for a long time, by wiring the lower branch to see if it would be possible to remove all the rest from the top.

When I took this photo close up of the new branch I decided to go ahead with the big chop.

I think it is going to work very well as a single branch tree and I am pleased with the result.

Next was this Arctic Beech belonging to John who was helped by mike R to bring some of the branches into a better position.

A little work makes a big difference.

This small Larch was wired and clipped to improve the image. turned out very nice.

Meanwhile Sue was removing wire from this Shohin Hinoki Cypress.

It will be left for a while, then rewired and trimmed a little.
A lovely little tree Sue.

Packing up time John?

Ken even had time to play peekaboo from behind his Squamata Juniper, which he brought to remove the wire.

Still hiding, but the branches did not move very far after the wire came off.

I really enjoy my natter nights and hope everyone else does.
They must do or they would not keep coming back.

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