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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Today at Ken's.

Today Mike R and myself paid a visit to Ken M's garden out in the country side and as usual Ken had ordered some good weather for us.

After some refreshments and a look round, Mike and Ken started to remove the wire from this Yew, which was quite a task as there was a lot to take off.

With all the wire gone the tree looks as if the branches have set quite good.

I meanwhile was busy wiring and clipping this Squamata Juniper.

Now it looks a much finer image than before.

Still a way to go but much improved.

Some of Ken's other trees.

A small Cotoneaster, which Mike clipped a little.

A very nice Larch, out in full foliage.

A Common Juniper with the new buds starting to form.

Four Pines, all looking splendid.

It was a very good day and nice being back in Ken's garden.
The bacon buttie was good as well.

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