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Monday, 18 May 2015

Natter night 18th May 2015.

One thing we do not see much here at Ronin are Satsuki Azaleas, maybe because not many have them. But tonight Boxie brought along one of his, to show us how to remove the new growth around the flower buds, to allow more room for the buds to open.

This is the Azalea Boxie was working on.

Maybe you cannot see so good on the photo, but this is the new growth you must remove.

After removing the new growth, the flower buds now have much more room to open.
A good lesson Mike, thank you for the instruction.
Ken M brought this small Hawthorn for a little work.

After adding some wire and a little tweak, it is starting to look a bit windswept, which is what Ken wants.

Andy P brought this accent plant in a nice Walsall ceramics pot.We think it is a Virginia creeper but are not sure. Nice all the same.

Another good interesting night, which we all enjoyed.

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