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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Willowbog chat May 2015.

Yet another month has started and today being the first Saturday it was chat day at Willowbog Bonsai.
As I have been suffering from a bad back this week Mike R did the driving and picked me up, so all I had to do was sit and enjoy the journey there.
Once there I enjoyed the day very much, doing nothing but giving a bit of advice and having a natter with other enthusiasts that attended the day.

This large Maple was the display tree of the day.

This semi-cascade Larch accompanied the Acer.

What was these two up to?

Discussing this Beech tree, what else could it be.

A debate on the upcoming election ? No it was lunchtime.

David, Jane and Brian enjoying a natter between work.

A nice Shohin Hinoki with Brian the owner trying to hide behind it.

Dawn Redwood forest belonging to Brian W had a clip out.

It now has a bit more shape and is growing very well.

Every one very busy.

Hiding away next door was Anthony, working on this very nice Cork Bark Chinese Elm.

Another one of Anthony's, this Sacred Bamboo.

A very nice Scots Pine belonging to Dave H, which was styled on the recent Ryan Neil workshop.

Despite the pain I still enjoyed the day very much.
Thank you once more Peter & Jean.

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  1. You do some strapping good work and present it very well, Ray. How is it possible that I discovered your blog only just now today?