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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Natter night 22nd June 2015.

Here we are once more, my natter night back in full swing , after being away for the last two Monday's.
It was nice to see a lot of my regular visitors back in the garden.

I managed to get some dewiring done as well, first on my Hemlock.

After the wire was removed the branches have remained in place quite good.I will let it rest for a while and then clip it back a little.

I also dewired this Squamata Juniper, which is having a very good year for new growth.

Margery brought this Cotoneaster to be put into a Bonsai pot for the first time.

Which was done, despite a warning that it might be too late in the season to be repotted.
Fingers crossed it will be alright.

This nice Azalea was given a clip out by owner Sue S, to thin and shape a little.

The shape is now more defined.

This Oak, belonging to Ken M was also given a good clip to open up the canopy.

Now more open and some shape returned.

This nice Cascade Hawthorn was also trimmed and shaped.

Now looking better with some advice from Mike R.

It was nice to be working on trees again, with the usual group of like minded people.
A very good night enjoyed by all.

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