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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Willowbog chat June 2015.

Apart from a howling wind, the chat day went very well and was also well attended.

Today's choice of display tree, a very nice Satski.

A close up of the flowers.

Peter has been using a new hair restorer.

David and Jane brought a Blackthorn, which had been air layered about two months ago, to be removed and potted.
David got to work with the saw.


Unwrapped and look at those roots. The separated part was then put into a pot and secured so it would not move.

Ron, down from Scotland for the day brought this nice Deshojo Maple for a clip out.

Which Terry stepped in to help with. Nice job Terry.

Graham W brought this quite large Hawthorn back for some advice.

After which some work was done and it improved the tree a lot.

Terry busy giving Dianne some of his knowledge about her Larch group.

Framed by the doorway, Brian with a Hornbeam, which was also clipped and wired.

John H working away quietly once again.

Meanwhile Scott spent a long time leaf pruning a large Acer. 

Anthony also found a quiet corner to work in.

Kieth was also kept busy wjth his trees.

Finally another of Dianne's trees, a root over rock Cork Bark Elm.

We were not sure if the roof was going to come off or not, but everyone still enjoyed the day.

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