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Monday, 20 July 2015

Natter night 20th July 2015.

I started a little early tonight, before anyone arrived that is, by doing a little more on my Common Juniper. Last week I removed a large branch, then tonight I decided to do some refining by creating some Jin and Shari.
The branch was the bottom right hand side.

After removing.

The Jin and Shari.

I also did some work on this Procumbens Juniper.

The long branch on the bottom left was shortened, then I did a little bit of pruning on the rest of the tree.

Paul M brought this Juniper for some styling work to be done.I think I talked him into making it a Shohin and he liked the idea and wired the lowest part of foliage on the tree. Which was the styled,

The result was that the rest of the top was removed and a nice little image was formed.

Sue brought this nice Shohin Chinese Juniper for some advice and a little clean up.

She is going to wire it and bring it back to be styled,hopefully next Monday.

We also did some work on Ken's Hawthorn, sadly I did not take any photos of it afterwards.

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